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Praba Ginandjar scopus  -  Diponegoro University, Indonesia
Nissa Kusariana  -  Diponegoro University, Indonesia
Ari Udiyono scopus  -  Diponegoro University, Indonesia
Received: 20 Dec 2019; Published: 9 Jan 2020.
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Section: Epidemiologi dan Penyakit Tropik
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The proportion of hypertension in the port area based on the report of the Polyclinic visit to the Ambon Class II Port Health Office (KKP) in 2016 was 15.7 % and experienced a significant increase in 2017 to 29.02%. The work area that has the highest proportion of hypertension is Tulehu seaport by 9.1%.The purpose of this study was to analyze various factors at risk for the occurrence of hypertension in the crew (ABK) of the Tulehu Sea Port in the area of the Class II KKP Ambon. This study was an observational analytic study using a cross sectional design. The variables studied included age, obesity status, alcohol drinking habits, work shifts and workload. The population in this study is the ABK Tulehu Sea Port who works and is recorded in the examination of ship health documents in the working area of the Class II KKP Ambon in 2018. The sampling technique is done by accidental sampling. Bivariate analysis using chi square test. The results of statistical analysis show that there is a significant relationship between age groups (p = 0.017), obesity status (p = 0.002), alcohol drinking habits (p = 0.004), while the length of service (p = 0.288), workload (p = 0.742) there is a significant relationship with the incidence of hypertension. It can be concluded that the age group ≥ 35 years, obesity status, alcohol drinking habits are risk factors for the incidence of hypertension, but conversely the working period ≥ 10 years and workload ≥ 8 hours/day are not a risk factor for the incidence of hypertension at ABK Tulehu Sea Port. 

Keywords: risk of hypertension, ABK port of tulehu.

risk of hypertension, ABK port of tulehu.

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