Communication Activities On Creating Shared Value (CSV) between Nestle Indonesia and Consumers

Published: 1 Apr 2015.
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Nestle is a company which connects its business fields on its business chain through
acts that help social issues which later was elaborated by Porter and Kreamer in
2006 into creating shared value (CSV). Michael Porter and Mark Kramer then
formulate CSV as a business strategy concept to emphasize the importance of place
social issues and needs intocompany strategy planning. It includes communication,
interaction with consumers via manyways and channels. The purpose of the
research is to recognize how communication activities on creating shared value
Nestle Indonesia and consumers is carried out. The research used Berlo
communication theory, Innovation Diffusion theory, marketing communication,
involvement, one-way and two-way communication, and cause related marketing
(CRM). The type of the research was qualitative descriptive using grounded
research approach and case study as the research method.
The result of the research shows that there is a communication strategy in the
essence of CSV business strategy of Nestle Indonesia. CSV of Nestle Indonesia
consists of agroup of programs where they are derived from marketing
communications mix which delivers a consistent message that company’s values are
intersected with global consumer’s values (create value). The communication
process between consumers and Nestle is a dialog of co-learning and co-creation
experience by diffusing innovation and knowledge to customers. Furthermore, there
is a co-enrichment, co-production activities inthe CSV activity chain. Key element of
the process are relevant contact point, virtual and non-virtual community role, and
the role of opinion leaders and formers by sharing responses where customers
interact with other customers (C2C). Mass media is also an essential factor to brace
the existing values in the CSV programs so that they are more acknowledged by a
larger audience. An interconnected network then is built between one element and
another creating a communication network.

Keywords: Creating Shared Value (CSV), Nestle, communication activities, consumers , marketing communication

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