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Background : Body weight consists of  water, fat degree, bone, and body muscle mass. Body muscle mass is total weight degree of human’s muscle. Recently, Zumba is an exercise  that is interested by women that is believed to build an ideal body weight.

Purpose : To observe the effect  of Zumba exercise on body muscle mass in young females.

Method: This study was an analytical observational research with cross sectional design. The subjects were young females aged 19-24 years (n=18) who took a routine Zumba exercise. Muscle mass was measured using Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (Glass Body Analyzer 835) weight scale. . Correlation between the period of Zumba exercise and  body muscle mass was analyzed using Spearman’s rho correlation test.

Result: From the 18 subjects, we foundthat the muscle mass average of Zumba participants who took this exercise for ≥8 weeks was higher than the participants who tookthis exercise for <8 weeks. Muscle mass average in the subjects who experienced Zumba exercise for < 8 weeks was 38,9% , andthe average  in participants who experienced this exercise  for ≥ 8 weeks was  42,1%. In the Spearman’s rho correlation test there was a medium degree positive correlation between muscle mass and Zumba exercise (r=0,52; p=0,032).

Conclusion : The study found the differences between the average of body muscle mass in subjects who experienced Zumba exercise for <8 weeks and ≥8 weeks. This study also showed a positive correlation with moderate degree between body muscle mass and Zumba exercise period. Zumba has influences in young women’s body muscle mass.

Keywords: muscle mass, Zumba exercise, physical exercises.

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