Analisis Pengelolaan Limbah Tahu di Kecamatan Adiwerna Kabupaten Tegal

Published: 30 Dec 2014.
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One of the issues that must be considered in the study population are enviromental
problems. Increasing number of people will have implications for the more challenging
enviromental problems. Of various problems concerning enviromental health in the
society, along with the many cases of waste management are detrimental to society and
the enviromental. Waste pollution cases occur in many large cities, one in Tegal regency.
Tegal district is the center of industry, including industrial centers are located in the
district know Adiwerna. Knowing the typical food Tegal regency. Many craftsmen know
in the district Adiwerna impact also on the quality of waste management know, because
managemant waste know who carried out in the district entrepreneurs Adiwerna very
doubt about. So that existence of questionable enviromental agencies and ultimately the
role and function of enviromental oversight is not optimal. The background of the
problem arises of how the analysis of waste management tahu, and how supervision by
government enviromental agencies, especially in deadling with waste management knows
and enviromental oversight funciton in waste.
Method management research is a qualitative research method is descriptive with
data collection techniques include observation, interview and literature. Waste
managementin the district know Adiwerna experiencing various problems so that the
implementation of waste management tofu. In the district Adiwerna not optimal. There
are several factors that cause is not optimal waste management in the district tofu
Adiwerna. These factors include inadequate waste management oversight conduceted
enviromental agencies, both preventive and represive control. So we need a new
construction. Enhance the role and function of enviromental oversight in the management
of Tegal regency waste know in the district adiwerna

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