Pengawasan Pemerintah dan Masyarakat terhadap Usaha Karaoke di Kabupaten Grobogan

Published: 30 Dec 2014.
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Supervision is an activity plan for monitoring an object in order to avoid
distortions. As businesses karaoke, karaoke is an entertainment venue which is
now starting to bloom and loved by the people in Grobogan the number of
unlicensed karaoke higher than the licensed karaoke. So there are deviations of
the policies that have been set by the government.
Supervision of karaoke in Grobogan is important because to maintain the
security environment in the community both in terms of morals, ethics and
religion. In this study, researchers used a qualitative research method using
descriptive methods
Based on the results it was concluded that the imbalance of supervision by
the government. Where supervision is more emphasis on preventive contro l, ie the
licensing mechanism. While on supervision repressive enough in enforcing the
rules / policies.
The recommendation that can be delivered include government and
society should jointly supervise the presence of karaoke to maintain the security
and comfort of the environment. In addition, the government should increase the
level of supervision of the karaoke especially in repressive surveillance.

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