Evaluasi Proses Implementasi Kebijakan Program UHC (Universal Health Coverage) di Semarang

Published: 1 Apr 2020.
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Health insurance is a government health services program. Tujuan adanya
jaminan kesehatan adalah sebagai upaya menjaga diri demi kondisi kesehatan.
Because Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional (JKN) Part of the Sistem Jaminan Sosial
Nasional (SJSN) Conducted by the use of mandatory social health insurance
mechanisms. Have a programme policy UHC (Univeral Health Coverage) The health
program implemented by the central government to improve public health, Because
of the difficult coverage is known by the central government, local governments as
representatives of the central government can continue to reach the scope of
membership to the regional level. This is the case in the city of Semarang, Semarang
City government initiating a program as a form of health insurance for the citizens of
the Community, For the purpose of obtaining free medication services known as
Program UHC (Universal Health Coverage) By registering the residents of
Semarang as Penerima Bantuan Iuran (PBI) BPJS Kesehatan For residents
who have not been registered as a health insurance participant, unable to pay dues,
The research method that the authors use is qualitative deskiptif using the
theory of George C Edward III which focuses on the important variables on the
success of the program implementation, Communication, resources, disposition,
bureaucratic structure and supported with triangulation theory to strengthen data.
And identifying the driving factor and barriers of society in implementing the
The results of this research show that the progress of the UHC (Universal
Health Coverage) program in Semarang has been good in providing free services for
residents of Semarang. So that the goal for the welfare of society through health can
be achieved. The most profound obstacles are often mistargeted because the
socialization of the program gives less community awareness. And resources on the
budget when tuition rates rise certainly the number of budgets is getting bigger.
Keywords: Health Program Evaluation, Universal Health Coverage Semarang

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