Published: 3 Apr 2020.
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The 2014 legislative elections have been marked by the transfer of party cadres to other
parties. This phenomenon is like that carried out by a number of parties in Central Java. From
the data search, there is no exact value of the number of cadres who carry out the party
movement in question. But from the writer's search there were two cadres, the first being Drs.
Fadholi, he was elected as a Member of the House of Representatives of the 2014-2019 period
from the Democratic National Party (Nasdem). Next, Nur Hadi was originally a cadre of the
PKNU, moving to the PPP Pekalongan City.
This research is a field research with descriptive qualitative research methods that are
descriptive and tend to use analysis with an inductive approach. In data retrieval carried out by
using the method of in-depth interviews and documentation. Interviews were conducted at the
residence of the two informants in Salatiga City and Pekalongan City.
The results of the research show that the phenomenon of politicians moving parties in
Pekalongan Regency and Salatiga City is a normal political reality in the Indonesian political
arena, due to the many motives of politicians. The rise of politicians moving parties is
motivated by the blurred ideology of political parties, the failure of political parties in
conducting political education, and ineffective cadre system. Political parties are not well
established in the function of regeneration so that cadres in their political activities do not
animate party ideology, thus leading to political pragmatism by politicians. In addition to the
motives of pragmatism, it is also known that there are motives so that politicians can maintain
their existence in elections by moving parties.
The suggestion from the author is the need for a comprehensive revitalization of political
parties in their political activities, political parties must restore their struggle as a bridge in
conveying people's aspirations.
Keywords: Political Behavior, Legislative Elections 2014

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