Published: 1 Apr 2020.
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Today, villages in Indonesia need to be developed into a smart village. According to the
mandate of Law No. 6 of 2014, the village has the authority to regulate village affairs through the
allocation of village funds. It aims to develop the potential of the village and realize the welfare of
society through Village Development. One of the innovative steps in conducting Village
development can be done with the implementation of Green Smart Village concept as done by the
government of Banyuanyar village, Ampel subdistrict, Boyolali district. In addition to developing
the potential of the village as a form of community welfare, the program also supports the Smart
City program that has been launched by the government of Boyolali district. This research aims to
determine the implementation of Green Smart Village in Banyuanyar village and supporting
factors as well as the implementation factor of the program. Efforts to address problems and
research objectives were conducted using the implementation theory of George Edwards III. The
study uses mixed methods, where data is obtained through interviews, data/archives, and
questionnaires. The results showed that the idea of Green Smart Village is an effort to explore the
potential of the village, the implementation of Green Smart Village realized through the provision
of free internet access for the community of Banyuanyar Village, the development of digital library
facilities, government services of IT-based village, and the development of integrated livestock
and agriculture field. The result of infrastructure development has improved, but in terms of the
economic program is still not able to reach the entire village community. Through research
concluded that of the four indicators of the implementation theory of George Edwards III, two of
which have been implemented well namely the indicator of communication and disposition. Two
other indicators are the indicator of resources and bureaucracy structure still there is a shortage of
human resources both implementing and village community, the source of funds that are still
lacking to support the activities of Green Smart Village, in addition to the indicator bureaucratic
structure has no special management structures that run the program.
Key Words: Green Smart Village, implementation, Village development

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