Published: 2 Apr 2020.
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The emergence of the phenomenon of political dynasties and cases of
bribery of promotion of job titles caused public trust to the Klaten Regency
Government declined. The new Klaten Regent, Sri Mulyani has a big responsibility
in improving governance while at the same time restoring public trust. Regent Sri
Mulyani on the other hand turned out to have ambitions to run again as Klaten
Regent in the 2020 elections. The ambition made the trust building efforts
undertaken by the Klaten Regency Government prone to political interests.
The purpose of this study is to explain the trust building efforts undertaken
by the Klaten Regency Government under Sri Mulyani Regent and to analyze the
influence of Sri Mulyani Regent's political interests ahead of the 2020 elections in
the implementation of trust building efforts. The method used in this study is a
qualitative explorative method of primary data in this study obtained directly from
interviews with resource persons, while secondary data is obtained indirectly
through documents, mass media, social media, and internet. The theoretical basis
used is the theory of trust, governance and bureaucratic reform.
Based on data from the results of field research, the Klaten Regency
Government under the leadership of Sri Mulyani Regent has made various
responsive efforts in the context of rebuilding public trust (trust building).
However, the trust building effort still leaves important records that need to be
underlined. Trust building efforts undertaken by the Klaten Regency Government
tend to prioritize the political interests of the Regent of Sri Mulyani in the lead-up
to the 2020 elections rather than the aspects of bureaucratic reform. The Klaten
Regency Government needs to rebalance the implementation of trust building
efforts by emphasizing more on aspects of bureaucratic reform and setting aside
the incumbent's electoral political interests.

Keywords: Public Trust, Trust Building, Bureaucratic Reforms, Political Interest

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