Kegagalan Inovasi Daerah di Kota Semarang (Studi Kasus : Inovasi Aplikasi i-Jus Melon Dinas Koperasi dan UMKM Kota Semarang)

Published: 25 Mar 2020.
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Micro and Small Business licensing program based on technology and information on
"iJus Melon" application is a program that gives ease to the community by accessing the
application "iJus Melon" to obtain the legality of micro and small business licenses. Micro and
small business actors who have registered in the database of Department of Cooperatives and
SMES in Semarang will get a business support facility from the government of Semarang, but
not least among the efforts made by the city government Semarang to address problems that
have been constrained by some factors experiencing failure in implementing innovations in
public service is electronic based. This research uses innovation theory to broaden the scope of
information about the implementation of application innovation "iJus Melon" failure because
it was influenced by several factors when the innovation was realized by the government of
Semarang As an electronic-based public service. After the researchers conducted interviews
and observations showed that the application "iJus Melon" which is not accessible to the online
community because there is a mismanagement in the application creation system "iJus Melon"
and is not known Transparent how to form the cooperation to finally cause problems in the
application building system "iJus Melon". Secondly, the selection of the term name on the
innovation of public service that does not conform to the substance that will be done so as to
inflict mis perception (mis understanding) of the community in understanding the concept of
public service based online The. Third, there is no transparency of budget management for the
implementation of application innovation "iJus Melon" conducted by the government. In
addition, the Department of Cooperatives and SMES have made various efforts to overcome
the problems that arise due to the inhibitory factor that is excessive dependence on the high
performer, obstructed organizational arrangement, not given Incentives, and administrative
barriers despite the implementation have been supported by the encouragement of political
actors, economic pressures and service improvements, technological availability, and
budgetary availability.
Keywords: Failure, Innovation, Application "iJus Melon"

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