Program Kota Tanpa Kumuh (Kotaku) Dalam Perspektif Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (studi kasus Program Kota Tanpa Kumuh di Kelurahan Karangwaru)

Published: 1 Apr 2020.
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The Urban slams appeared because of inability or failure of the public to compete a
achieve and have all the needs to support life's necessities. The existence of slums could be
caused by the development of the city. Because of that, community development can be
alternative solution to complete the problem of slums in Indonesia. Empowerment is a concept
for giving people's big responsbility about how to work. "Kotaku" Program means to build an
integrated system for slum management, which is local governments lead and collaborate with
stakeholders in planning and implementation, as well as promoting community participation.
One that has been addressed through the "Kotaku" Program is Karangwaru Village, Tegalrejo
District, Yogyakarta City. Karangarangwaru is a slum area before, and now has been
transformed into a safe, clean and comfortable area. The Kali Buntung River that passes
through it has been revitalized so that the river water no longer overflows, and is able to
accommodate high-intensity rainwater. Other that, river access is also used as a river
maintenance route. The city without Slums Program in Karangwaru Village can be said to have
been well proven by the development and replica of the program carried out by the community.
However, assistance is still needed by both the Consultant and the local government for BKM
so that the program will continue to be implemented and better.
Keyword : Community Development, Kotaku Program, Karangwaru village

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