Published: 12 Mar 2020.
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The village is expected to have an institution that can empower the
community as well as economic enhancement and indigenous village revenue. The
village owned enterprises (BUMDes) is a business entity that is wholly or largely
owned by the village through direct inclusion derived from a wealth of villages
separated to manage assets, service and other businesses to for the welfare of the
village community.
This research aims to explain the form of empowerment of village
community through the business unit of BUMDes and analyze supporting factors
and barriers to community empowerment and how the development of business unit
BUMDes run against a village primarily in providing welfare to local communities
through community empowerment. Research methods used are qualitative
descriptive with data collection techniques in the form of interviews and
documentation. Data obtained later in the analysis using Data interpretation
Analysis, theory, and Data sources.
The findings of this research is that community Empowerment Lerep
Village District West Ungaran Semarang District through the village-owned
enterprises (BUMDes) Lantern Gate, just go well, it is seen from business units that
run and Tourism potentials that exist in the pack and managed to become a form of
community empowerment through BUMDes become a tour package. The existence
of cooperation with third parties and trainings to make existing potentials and
business units run more developed. The supporting factors are the participation of
active communities, government support, as well as the potential for adequate
natural resources while for the barriers faced by the absence of special training held
from the manager to develop Citizen independence, limited funds to develop the
business unit run, and limited human resources in the management of BUMDes.
Empowerment made through the business unit that is carried out by BUMDes
affects 2 sectors. Economic sectors have an impact on the increasing community
income of Lerep Village and the opening of employment, and the social impact that
there is a promotion of the village Lerep Tourism, the study of appeals conducted
by other villages to visit Lerep Tourism Village About the management of
BUMDes and the training provided by other parties to the people of Lerep village
to grow and able to manage the potential.

Keywords: community empowerment, village owned enterprises (BUMDes)

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