Evaluasi Pengelolaan Tambang Berbasis Kelembagaan Dan Alih Kewenangan Pasca Terbitnya Undang-Undang Nomor 23 Tahun 2014 (Studi Kasus : Tambang Tanah Liat Di Kabupaten Kebumen)

Published: 27 Sep 2017.
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Thesis entitled “Evaluation of Mine Management Based Institutional Studies and Transfer of
Authority After The Enactment of Law No. 23 Year 2014 on Regional Government (Case
Study : Clay Mining in Kebumen Regency)”. Some of the issues examined are : 1) How does
the institutional management of the clay mine in Kebumen Regency run after authorities in
managing mine switch from County Government to the provincial government. 2) Obstacles
faced by the provincial government in conducting the management of mining clay in kebumen
regency. In doing the analysis and evaluation of institutional, used six indicators i.e. 1)
Availability of human resources. 2) Affordability of access to public services. 3) Community
involvement. 4) Technical skills and managerial officers. 5) Coordination. 6) Range of
The results of this research show that the views of institutional aspects, management
of the clay mine in Kebumen Regency hasn't been going well. It can be seen from some
indicators. First, the provincial Government still encounter obstacles in the form of lack of
human resources and the mine supervisor officer distribution that has not been evenly
distributed. Second, the affordability of access to public services, in particular the service of
licensing, it is difficult to reach because of people who want to ask permission to go through
BPMPTSP that is located there in the province. Thirdly, the involvement of the communities
surrounding the quarry clay to help the Government keep tabs on the activities of the clay
mine is still not optimal. Fourth, the transfer authorities of the mine management from
County Government to the provincial government make the range of control of the
Government against further mining activities.
Key words : Evaluation, Mine management, Institutional, Transfer of Authority

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