Persepsi Audiens tentang Kompetensi Public Speaking Petugas Badan Narkotika Nasional Provinsi (BNNP) Jawa Tengah dalam Kegiatan Sosialisasi Pencegahan Pemberantasan Penyalahgunaan Dan Peredaran Gelap Narkoba (P4GN) di Kalangan Peserta Sosialisasi

Published: 27 Feb 2015.
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Prevention and Eradication of Illicit Drug Abuse dissemination activities undertaken
by the Central Java BNNP basically aims to sensitize the public about the dangers of drug
use. In this socialization certainly has a specific purpose and contains a lot of values and
things that would be submitted or implanted in the minds of the public. This study aimed to
determine the audience's perception of the competence of public speaking officer in the
Central Java BNNP Prevention and Eradication of Illicit Drug Abuse socialization among
participants sozialization. It is assessed by the audience became one of which was considered
ideal or not by the audience. The theory used is the Communication Competency which
basically refers to the speaker's ability to communicate effectively, means of communication
will affect the audience, if the speaker has the competence: knowledge of the content of the
message of public communication, motivation expressed communicator, non-verbal ability
and technical ability. Competencies that make the speaker assessed by the audience to raise
the audience's perception of the speaker who is considered to have a good competence as a
speaker or not.
This type of research is a descriptive study using a quantitative approach with survey
research methods. The sampling technique using nonprobability sampling with saturated
sample method. This study uses positivism paradigm. Data collection tool was a
questionnaire with the use of questionnaires to respondents. Analysis of data using
descriptive statistics to classify the answer in the form of mono table.
Broadly speaking, the results of this study stated that the Central Java BNNP Officers
competent in doing public speaking competence. However, there are still some shortcomings
of Officers BNNP Central Java, it is advisable to further establish a close relationship with
the audience, to adapt the communication with the audience, and the corresponding time


Keywords: Audience Perception, Competence Public Speaking, Socialization

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