Published: 30 Dec 2015.
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This Final Assignment in the form of field work is based on a new organization under
HIPMI Jawa Tengah, HIPMI Peduli Jawa Tengah. HIPMI Peduli Jawa Tengah is a new
organization that is not popular yet in HIPMI Jawa Tengah members, let alone in public.
Through its branding activity, HIPMI Peduli Jawa Tengah can strengthen its HIPMI Peduli
Jawa Tengah brand.
Because there’s a lot of HIPMI Jawa Tengah member who don't know about HIPMI Peduli
Jawa Tengah makes many HIPMI Peduli Jawa Tengah activities unknown to them and to
public. Based on persuasion theory, this work aims to entice members of HIPMI Jawa
Tengah to know HIPMI Peduli Jawa Tengah activities better. Aside of that, this work also
aims to increase the affection, cognition and behavior of the members and to persuade
people to donate in HIPMI Peduli Jawa Tengah.
On one month of execution in August, the event managed to increase awareness by 84%
and donation by 34% of the members of HIPMI Peduli Jawa Tengah. This work also shows
that the branding activity done by HIPMI Peduli Jawa Tengah was successfully done
according to the goals that had been set beforehand.

Keywords: Branding, strategic communication, social activities

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