Implementasi Kebijakan Program Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Sejahtera, Mandiri dan Bermartabat (P2MSMART) Di Kota Salatiga (Studi Di Kelurahan Tegalrejo dan Kelurahan Ledok)

Published: 30 Dec 2014.
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Development program is a program created by the government aims to fill
the needs of the community. P2M-Smart program is a development program
conducted in Salatiga since 2012. Village Tegalrejo and Ledok are two of the 22
villages in Salatiga who receive grants P2M-Smart for physical development
activities. Overall this program was successful. However, the implementation of
this program find some obstacles.
The purpose of this study to describe the implementation of P2M-Smart
program in 2012, and identifies the factors that become the driving and inhibiting
the implementation of the program. The method used in this research is
descriptive qualitative method and data collection techniques is by interviews and
Based on the results it was concluded that the implementation of P2MSmart in the Village Tegalrejo and the Village Ledok are able to achieve the goals
and objectives of the program and in accordance with the expectations of society.
Beside that, people also are excited to support this program. However, the
implementation of this program encountered several obstacles, like the weather
and lack of builders.
The recommendation that can be delivered include the City Government is
expected to maintain and develop P2M-Smart program and other activities that
can support the local economy and education, as well as possible while
maintaining the cooperation and coordination between the parties involved. So
that, the implementation of P2M-Smart in the next years can run well and as
expected by the government and society.

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