Published: 1 Apr 2014.
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Public services, especially health services still have a lot of obstacles and barriers mostly
on the quality of the service given. Public service organizations that have an interest in accordance
with the basic rules and procedures have been established. The paradigm emerging during the public
services management tends to be more directive and focusing only on the interests which indicate a
field fact that there is deficiency in the performance of health services in health centers (Puskesmas).
Based on that fact, the need of evaluation on performance of health service in health centers is a
must. Health centers as one of government agencies which play role in delivering health services to
society must be able to meet people's satisfaction on their needs of health services.
The objectives of this research are to evaluate the performance of health centers public
services in Semarang and to find out the problems encountered also the factors supporting their
performance there. To strengthen and achieve the objectives of this study, evaluative method is
being used. The prosedure of data collection is by spreading questionnaire to and interviewing both
providers and recipients of the heath services in the health centers, or in this case the visitors, health
workers, and related agencies in Semarang Health Office. In addition, to support the completion of
the needed information, related data and documents are also being used.
The result of the research shows that from overall user satisfaction indicators of health
services in health centers, 56.93% survey respondents stated that the services is very good, 38.57%
stated that services is good, 4.63% stated that is poor and 0.14% stated that the services is not good.
The result also shows that the problems encountered on the process of delivering health services in
the health centers are the lack of personnel officer and readiness, lack of facility and infrastructure,
slow medical treatment, less understanding and knowledge of the visitors and lack of medical

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