Published: 12 Mar 2014.
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This study was conducted to explain the results of an evaluation The Development Program of
Johar’s market, Bulu’s market, and jatingaleh’s market which held by Semarang Government’s city,
Semarang city council market, UPTD johar’s Market, UPTD Bulu’s Market and UPTD Jatingaleh’s
Market within period of 2009-2011. The Program motivation start by increasingly the poor quality of
traditional market in Semarang. The purpose of this program is to restore the functions of traditional
market into a modern semi market that clean, safe, comfort, and tidy.
In order to explain the evaluation of implementation, management, and accountability from
this development program of Johar’s market, Bulu’s Market and Johar’s market, the research is using
qualitative method. The subject of this study is semarang city council market, UPTD johar’s Market,
UPTD Bulu’s market, UPTD Jatingaleh’ market, as well as consument and the owner of the stall/ kiosk
in each market. The data collection method such as interviews, observation, document investigation,
and questionnaires using random sampling method.
The result of this Research explained in 2009, Goverment city together with Semarang city
council market, UPTD Johar’s Market, UPTD Bulu’s market, and UPTD Jatingaleh’s market formed
the Development program for various traditional markets such as Johar’s Market, Bulu’s Market, and
Jatingaleh’s Market. This Development program increase positive results including Building renovation
to previous functions. In line with the holding of this program, there are some obstacles in the
implementation of this program, they are lack of interest from the owner to support and participation
for this development program, moreover the constrained funding allocations intended for the
construction of Johar market. Meanwhile, The society strongly agrees with the Development Program
for Johar’s Market, Bulu’s Market, and Jatingaleh’s market.
It is rerecommended for future research to prepare adequate funding before starting the
implementation of development program for Johar’s Market, Bulu’s Market, and Jatingaleh’s market .
So that, the results achieve maximum point and to fulfill customers wishes for comfort, save, clean, and
tidy’s traditional market.
Kata kunci : The Development Program, Tradisional Market, Johar’s market, Bulu’s market, and
Jatingaleh’s market

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