Published: 31 Jul 2013.
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The number of games corruption in the recruitment of civil servants in the
Holy District has encouraged the author to undertake the study, entitled Evaluation of
Employee Recruitment Patterns in Kudus Regency in 2010.
This study aims to identify and analyze patterns of recruitment in the Holy
District Government corruption-free as well as to identify and analyze the factors that
influence the recruitment process in the Holy District Government. The data was
collected through interviews and documentary studies at BKD Kudus and follow the
recruitment of informants in Kudus Regency. This type of research is descriptive
research analysis. Descriptive analysis aimed to investigate in detail the activities and
work of humans and these results may provide recommendation for future purposes
The analysis showed that the pattern of recruitment Kudus less compliance
with BKN No. 9 of 2012 on guidelines for the procurement of the civil servant where
there are indications of corruption. There are several factors inhibiting the recruitment
implement, namely: leadership factors; factor rules and regulations; weak
supervision; factor low welfare of civil servants.
Recommendations from this study are law enforcement and discipline of civil
servants in order to eliminate the factors that become barriers BKD in carrying out
the functions and duties in the recruitment of civil servants.
Keywords: Patterns of Recruitment and Employee.

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