Evalusi Pelaksanaan Program Larasita di Kabupaten Grobogan

Published: 25 Jul 2013.
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Concerning to emerge The Good Governance, bureaucrate performance has the main
role, especially solving every problems popped out among civic social life, considering
function of state institution has the role to accomodate the needs of its people. Most
frequently problems could be varied from different aspects, such as land-affairs, education,
economy, demography, transportation, etc. Those problems will be an responsibility for all of
state institution in the process to reach the development of welfare in every aspect.In the
human life, land was the one of important things, because of not only as regard to economy
problems. But also related to civil rights, particularly within increasingly growth of
development year by year. For reaching the law certainly and law protection. In the
owership or utilizing of land, written regulation are needed, printed completely and
consistantly done so that land conflict could be avoided.
One of govermental institution which succed n implemting the e-goverment system as
the one of basic public service in the national land institutin ( BPN ). Which also bringing the
program called larasita ( Public service for land-certification ) organized as mobile landaffairs
office which have similar main duty and function with obtained in land-affairs office.
Larasita operated the picking ball up system among the people.
Keyword : Public Services, Land-affairs, Larasita.
Keywords: Public services;Land-affairs;Larasita

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