Fenomena Golput Pada Pilkada Pati 2011

Published: 25 Jul 2013.
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Abstention phenomenon that occurs in the Pati Regional Head Election 2011 was a
general election officer who has the highest number abstentions in Central Java at the time. The
study was conducted to analiyze the phenomenon of non-voters who happen to Pati Election
2011 by using quantitative descriptive approach or talk about the frequency. This method is a
survey study in which the authors took a simple of the population and the use of questionnaires
as the main data collection tool. Descriptive research is intended to careful measurement of
certain social phenomena. Authors develop the concept and to compile fakt, but do not do
pengjian hyphotesis, the result of the survey can also be used to hold a certain predictions about
social phenomena.
Abstensions of voter that occurs in Pati Election can be seen from the technical aspect,
political aspect, ideological aspect and oersonal identity. This research found that the technical
aspect have to be main reason why Pati’s people unwilling to give vote. The technical aspect is
constraints that make people couldn’t voting, such as have other activities at the same time
election day so could not come the polls. On the political aspects of behavior such as non-voters
have no reason to believe the party, candidate/candidates or do not believe in change for the
better. Meanwhile, if viewed from the aspect of one’s identity may be seen by religion, level of
education, age, gender and others. For example, if viewed in terms of religion for non-voters
because someone decided that the party was not selected as candidate expected/ candidate, for
example in someone who is Christian tends not vote for a party that carried Islam as PPP, PKB
while generally on the wing nationalist candidate or political party judged less respresentatif to
accommodate their asoirations, then the non-voters will be the final option is taken.

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