Published: 31 Jul 2013.
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This paper attempts to describe the dynamics of inter-ethnic relationships, the
integration of ethnic groups in Britain, and how the UK government react to it. Research
design that used in this paper is qualitative with descriptive method. The data used in this
paper in the form of secondary data obtained from various sources.
Britain as a multicultural country is faced with the challenge of managing inter-ethnic
relations in order to maintain peaceful society. Inter-ethnic relations in the UK experiencing
tension until now, mainly due to four things the racial riots, incidents involving the killing of
a particular ethnic, racial sentiments, and racism. Race riots broke out in the Britain a few
times which resulted in heated inter-ethnic relations. In addition, the murder incidents
involving a particular ethnic group often creates a bad atmosphere of inter-ethnic relations
in Britain. Racial sentiment and institutional racism that still exist in some institutions in
Britain, helped trigger frictions between ethnic groups as well. In this case, the mass media
also plays a major role in triggering inter-ethnic friction that occurs. However, inter-ethnic
relations in the UK also has moments of harmony, especially when the Race Relations Act of
1976 was passed and the anti-racism organization was formed.
The dynamics of inter-ethnic relationships in Britain are caharacterized by a number
of incidents so that led to debate about the integration of immigrants and minority ethnic
groups with the British society. The integration can be viewed through four dimensions: the
dimension of cultural, social, economic, and political. Research by public institutions and
official statistics owned by UK government show that ethnic minorities in Britain have not
been fully integrated with British society. This was demonstrated by the fact that some
minority ethnic groups in Britain have little opportunity to access resources to meet their
needs. The causes are varied, ranging from individual factors to environmental factors. In
response, the British government has issued a policy that aims to increase opportunities for
the integration of ethnic minorities. Nevertheless, it needs to be supported by efforts to create
a broader public space so that each ethnic group get to know one another.
Key words: the dynamics of relationships, ethnic group, UK, integration

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