Published: 31 Jul 2013.
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Adiwiyata this program is one program the Ministry of Environment in order
to promote the creation of knowledge and awareness of the school community in
environmental protection. The purpose of this program is to create good conditions
for schools to be places of learning and awareness of the school community. This
study describes the results of an evaluation of the program SMAN11 Adiwiyata in
The method used in this research using mixed methods (the methods of
qualitative and quantitative methods). Methods of data collection through literature
review, observation, interviews and documentation, to do with the selection of
questionnaire respondents using non-probability sampling is random sampling
Results of this study showed that the program runs fine Adiwiyata in SMAN
11 Semarang.Program This gives the change benefits felt by the entire school
community. It's just for educational and non-educational personnel in carrying out
their duties on the environment is still lacking. Obstacles in the implementation of
this program is difficult to invite the school community to keep school.Recommendations for the implementation of the program is to maximize
Adiwiyata participation of educators and non-educators in their duties keeping the
school environment conditions. Moreover communication and socialization between
BLH with the school and team Adiwiyata in SMAN 11 with the school community
needs to be improved.
Keywords: Evaluation, adiwiyata programs, environmental

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