Peran LPMK dan BKM Dalam Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Di Kecamatan Tembalang

Received: 15 Jul 2013; Published: 16 Jul 2013.
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The study of the Community Empowerment By LPMK and BKM in District
Tembalang an interesting study along with the development efforts and the efforts to improve the
welfare of society. Empowerment as the process develops, to be independent, to be self-help,
1 Mahasiswa Ilmu Pemerintahan FISIP UNDIP 2008
2 Dosen Ilmu Pemerintahan FISIP UNDIP
3 Dosen Ilmu Pemerintahan FISIP UNDIP
strengthen the bargaining position of the lower layers of society against oppressive power
strength in all areas and sectors of life. The essence of empowerment is a strategy to leverage the
power and independence of the community. Community empowerment at the village area of
Semarang district by LPMK (Institute for Village Empowerment) and BKM (Agency for
Community Self-Reliance). LPMK oriented to empowering all people through the development /
improvement of infrastructure neighborhoods. While BKM oriented towards empowerment of
the poor.
The result of this research are as follows. First, empowerment programs in the Sub
District Tembalang done by LPMK (Institute for Village Empowerment) and BKM (Agency for
Community Self-reliance) through three aspects: social aspects, environmental aspects,
economic aspects and followed communities in need. Secondly, the provision of capital to
existing systems and processes group sharing between agencies beneficiaries with
empowerment. Third, these institutions have a business as a source of income which is then used
for the implementation of community development programs. Fourth, the empowerment program
involves renovation of uninhabitable housing, construction of arthesian wells, making paving
roads and providing scholarships to poor students. Fifth, this empowerment has a pattern and
well capitalized. Sixth, lack of socialization by the government.
Keywords: empowerment_LPMK_BKM

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