Resolusi Konflik Pembangunan Pasar Desa Sumowono, Kecamatan Sumowono, Kabupaten Semarang

Published: 27 Jun 2020.
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This research concerns about development process of the Sumowono
Village Government Market which is interesting to discuss further because in the
process various problems or more specifically conflict occur. Conflicts occurred at
the beginning of market development by the Sumowono Village Government. In the
initial stages of the eviction of the stalls located on the village land, it involved
protests by traders who used the stalls, causing conflicts and hampering the village
market development process. This study is intended to examine further the case
related to Conflict Resolution of Village Market Development in Sumowono
Village, Sumowono District, Semarang Regency. The method used is descriptive qualitative method by collecting data
through interviews and documentation. This study is guided by key questions to
answer the question "Why did conflict occur in the development of the Sumowono
Village Market, how was it resolved, and howwas the role of a third party in helping
to resolve the conflict?".
Based on the results of the study it was found that the cause of dissent in the
construction of the Sumowono Village Market between the Government of the
Sumowono Village with the traders who previously owned government-owned land
in the management of the Semarang Regency Trade Office. The resolution of the
conflict was resolved with the of a third party, the Semarang Regency Government.

Keywords: Conflict, Development, Village Market, Resolution

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