Penerapan E-Planning sebagai bentuk Sistem Perencanaan Daerah Berbasis Teknologi di Kabupaten Demak

Published: 12 Jun 2020.
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Government efforts in realizing Good Governance can be realized through
an integrated Electronic Government for Good Governance from the level of
regional government to the center. It is intended that the information and
communication technology infrastructure that will be built can be utilized
maximally to coordinate with all agencies, both at central and regional levels.
The implementation of good governance in Demak Regency is realized through
the application of E-Planning where in its application there are many obstacles
The research method used is descriptive qualitative data collection
techniques such as interviews and documentation. The data obtained were then
analyzed using Triangulation Methods, Theory and Data Sources.
The results of the research related to the implementation of e-planning in
Demak Regency are the implementation of Regional Regulation No. 2 of 2018
which is a follow-up of efforts to integrate the use of information technology in
government activities, especially those relating to development planning. The
implementation process is modeling from a similar program in Batang District. In
this case the E-Planning Application that is run is still in the web presence stage
because when viewed in its application the E-Planning website does not provide
interactive space for the community. The process of initiation, provision of
instruments, outreach and preparation has been carried out, but in its
implementation there are still a number of problems including servers that are
often error with limited network capacity, over capacity access, causing operators  to wait for a while to be able to log in, limited human resources qualified in the  field of programming, there are still many proposals that are not accommodated properly. However, with all the problems faced by the Demak Regency government efforts so far it has been considered to be quite responsive in solving problems and both technical and non-technical obstacles encountered in implementing E-Planning can be seen from 3 aspects including Technology
Aspect, when there is an error on the server, the response of the Demak Regency government is quite fast only a few moments have been handled and the response is fast. Then in the bureaucratic or technical aspects, When input is carried out within a scope of Bappeda, the Demak Regency Government increases the capacity of the internet network at a certain time so that it is expected to minimize errors when input. Then when an urgent problem occurs but the Demak Regency government cannot handle it by itself, the Demak Regency Government inates with the Batang Regency to find solutions to the problems faced. In the aspect of Human Resources, Bappeda Litbang does not immediately release the operator independently but if there is a problem or the operator does not understand Bappeda continues to provide technical guidance in accordance with what is expected.

Keywords: Good Governance, E-Government, Implementation

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