Published: 1 Jul 2019.
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Attempt to realize a child friendly city need community participation in
participating in every policy that protects children's rights, community
participation is very important to know what they need to improve children's
welfare and development. Communities are given space to participate and channel
ideas and aspirations in child worthy programs. In this regard, the Surakarta city
government asked the community to participate in achieving success and care
about the children's issues needed by the children of Surakarta City in Realizing a
Child Friendly City. this is focused on communities that have child care such as
non-governmental organizations and children's forums.
This study aims to explain how the process of participation and forms of
community participation and obstacles encountered in the implementation of
child-friendly city policies in Surakarta City. What forms of participation are
carried out by the community. The researcher also wanted to find out how the
process of community institutions that have concern for children and the Surakarta
children's forum was able to get an award. The research method used is
descriptive qualitative. The technique of collecting data is done by interviews,
documentation and literature. Data validity and reliability were tested using the
data source Triangulation technique.
The results of these studies are that community participation is realized because of
the high public awareness of children's rights that must be fulfilled. The enormous
enthusiasm of the community successfully delivered the city of Surakarta to the
highest award. The form of community participation is in the form of energy,
mind and material. Communities work with movers from the formal and nonformal
sectors. From the non-formal sector there are Non Governmental
Organizations, the Business World together with the Surakarta Children's Forum
always support and invite the public to be involved in supporting government
policies. From the government itself, it always provides an open space for
participation to convey the aspirations of the community. The challenge faced by
the city of Surakarta in realizing a city worthy of children is the still high
egosectoral inter DPOs in Child-Friendly Cities and the unavailability of a child
data information system in Surakarta.
Keywords: Community Participation, Child Friendly City

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