Published: 2 Jan 2013.
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Rembang regency is one area in Central Java. Rembang is one of area in Central
Java which has the most unique characteristics of the people regarding their political
orientation. It can be explained where most people there have a tendency of pragmatic
behavior or tends to fluctuate in giving vote during the election. This can be seen from the
results of the results of elections to the election out of political parties different as the
winner. Legislative elections in 1999 won by PDI P, 2004 elections won by Golkar Party and
the 2009 election was won by the Democratic Party. If at the time of the legislative elections
in 2004 won by Golkar Party , while the contrarery result are shown on the presidential by
placing SBY-JK in the top spot, outpacing all her opponents. Whereas in the 2009 legislative
elections won by Democrats but for president instead won by Mega-Pro promoted by PDI-P.
Seeing this just proves that many voters in the Rembang regency that are categorized as
swing voters. The purpose of this study is to identify the factors that influence swing voters
as well as the level of public trust in political institutions in the Rembang regency. Based on
this research, there are three factors that influence the swing voters in the Rembang regency.
The first factor is a figure or personal candidates, secondly factor is mass mobilization, mass
mobilization is the most played is the mobilization of “kyai” and affiliated organizations, and
the last latter high rate of money politics in the election event. By choosing such a pattern of
behavior can be concluded that the voters in the Rembang regency have flexible trust.
Keywords: election, swing voters
Keywords: election; swing voters

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