Analysis defeat for the couple Herman Deru and Maphilinda Syahrial Oesman in the general election of regional heads of South Sumatra in 2013

Published: 23 Mar 2016.
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In 2013, the Provincial Election Commission to hold elections in South
Sumatra. In these elections, there are two candidates for the strongest candidate is
a pair Herman Deru - Maphilinda Syahrial Oesman and partner Alex Noerdin -
Ishak Mekki. There are several organizations surveyed stated that couples Herman
Deru - Maphilinda Syahrial Oesman get the most votes, it is because Alex
Noerdin leave the task as governor of South Sumatra and running for governor of
Jakarta, not only that the issue of corruption by Alex Noerdin in development
house athelete construction of a multipurpose building South Sumatra province.
Herman Deru shook the first Regent of Ogan Komering Ulu Timur, and
Maphilinda Syahrial Oesman is the wife of former South Sumatra Governor
appointed by Herman Deru to accompany the elections in South Sumatra in 2013.
Alex Noerdin governor of South Sumatra in the first period were run
again in the elections of South Sumatra in 2013 and is a former Regent of Musi
Banyuasin for two periods, Alex Noerdin pointed Ishak Mekki as a deputy who
had served as Regent of Ogan Komering Ilir during two periods.
South Sumatra at the General Election in 2013, the pair Alex Noerdin
and Ishak Mekki guilty of corruption of the budget used for campaign purposes in
several regencies / municipalities , despite experiencing negative issues and ter
evidence of corruption, the couple still won the elections of regional heads of
South Sumatra.
The purpose of this study to determine the factors defeat Herman Deru
and Maphilinda Syahrial Oesman. In order to strengthen and achieve the
objectives of this study, researchers used a qualitative descriptive approach.
Extracting data through interviews with a successful team. Based on research,
there are three theories to gain a whopping factor Herman roar and Maphilinda
Syahrial Oesman that election, political strategy, figures, and successful team.
Based on the research results , the researcher recommends that : doing
the sportive of competition and does not do character assassinations between the
candidates , the Commission and the Election Supervisory Committee must act
decisively against negative practices conducted by candidates , their improvement
educational background of candidates , and the candidates should be more
introduce themselves and multiply achievements to be more widely known .

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