Published: 23 Mar 2016.
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Family Hope Program is a conditional cash transfer program which has the
primary objective is to break the chains of poverty on very poor family (KSM) by
changing the way of life very poor family (KSM) to be more concerned with
health and education where education and health are the two aspects that can
improve the quality of Human Resources. The purpose of this study was to
determine the results of the implementation of the Family Hope Program in
Brebes, whether the program is in accordance with the theory of policy
implementation by George C. Edward III as well find out if PKH able to reduce
poverty in Brebes and see what are the factors that influence in the
implementation of PKH in Brebes.
The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative. The study was
conducted in Dinsosnakertrans Kab. Brebes, UPPKH Kab. Brebes, Kec.
Bulakamba and Kec. Kersana with sources as many as 13 people covering
Dinsosnakertrans Head of Social Assistance, Operator Coordinator PKH,
Coordinator Assistants District, Companion PKH, Waiter Education, Health
waitress and PKH participants. And to techniques of data collection is done by
interviews, documentation and literature.
Based on the research results, the implementation of the PKH in Brebes are in
accordance with the theory of policy implementation by George C. Edward III in
which almost all the variables of implementation have been met. However PKH
has not been able to reduce poverty in Brebes because it was influenced by the
low quality of very poor family (KSM) and the misuse of the aid committed by
some participants PKH.
The results of this study are expected to provide benefits both the community and
the parties involved (UPPKH and Government). Based on these results, the
authors propose recommendations are expected in their sustainability programs
with empowerment very poor family (KSM) to create a standalone program;
increased participation of all parties involved; fulfillment facilities related to
UPPKH UPPKH district and sub-district; the use of basic data in accordance with
a program that does not happen misplaced.

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