Kewenangan dan Kedudukan Dinas Syariat Islam Dalam Tata Kelola Pemerintahan Aceh

muhammad isa, Kushandajani ., puji astuti


This study was conducted to determine how the relationship between institutions and
enforcement of Syariat Islam in Aceh as well how the process of cooperation as well as the
separation of powers between the relevant institutions. The objectives to be achieved in this
research is to identify and analyze the role of the Department of Syariat Islam and its
position in the governance of Aceh. This type of research is qualitative descriptive research
type with survey research, by analyzing data in the field on a direct source in the form of
words, the picture is not numbers, data obtained include interviews, field notes, documents
and so on others. This study aims to describe, summarize a variety of conditions, various
situations that arise on implementation of Islamic Law in Aceh local governance which is the
object of this study, based on what happened then raised to the surface of the character /
picture of conditions and circumstances. The focus of research is the Islamic Law
enforcement agencies in Aceh who participated in providing support and assist the
Department in enforcing the Syariat Islamic Law.
From the data processing research showed that the relationship of the Department of
Syariat Islam in Aceh with the relevant institutions have close cooperation and mutual
support in the enforcement of Shariah. Cooperation between the Department of Islamic Law
with the relevant institutions have been better when compared to previously where the
relevant institutions to help the enforcement of Syariat Islam only as guidance only, but now
the Department of Islamic Law together with the relevant institutions can conduct training,
investigation, interrogation until the execution which will be performed by the judiciary of
Syariat Islam law in Aceh on the legality and authority he had. Socialization provided by the
government of Aceh has also been quite good, with a positive response from the people of
Aceh and the Aceh government's support of the enforcement of Syariat Islam in Kaffah to
Keywords : Authority of Syariat Islam, Place of Syariat Islam,The Judiciary of Aceh, Aceh

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