The Influence Of Husband’s Support Towards The Case Of Menopause Syndrome Of Women In Sendangmulyo Village Tembalang Subdistrict Semarang City

*Anisa Nur Jannah  -  , Indonesia
Tinuk Istiarti  -  , Indonesia
Anung Sugihantono  -  , Indonesia
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Background : The condition of life expectancy (UHH) of Indonesian people is 71 years old on the average, and WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that life expectancy of Indonesian people is 75 years old in 2025. As the result, there is an enhancement of elderly population so that many emerging health problems of elderly population rise simultaneously. Menopause syndrome is one kind of old women’s issue that needs to be prevented. Husband's support is one of some factors in the case of menopause syndrome suppression towards women. This research was carried out to find out the influence of husband’s support towards the case of menopause syndrome of women. Method: This  study  used  descriptive  analitic  method  and  cross-sectional approach  with the sample of 88 respondents of men with 45-54-year old menopausal wife selected by simple random sampling technique. The results obtained in this research were analyzed using univariate and bivariate analysis with a simple linear regression test (level of significance 0.05). Result:  The result of simple linier regression test with independent variables showed  two variables  that  influenced  the  case  of menopause  syndrome  of women were respondents' knowledge about menopause (p≤0.05, p=0.0001) and respondents’ attitude (p≤0.05, p=0.017). Meanwhile, variables that didn’t affect the menopause syndrome case of women were the availability of information regarded to menopause (p>0.05, p=0.934) and the external support of the
menopause (p>0.05, p=0.885). Conclusions: There are the influence of the respondents’ knowledge about menopause and
respondents’ attitude with the case of menopause syndrome suppression towards wife.

Keywords: husband’s support, menopause syndrome

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