Dampak Propaganda PEDIGA atas Refugee Terhadap Keamanan dan Kestabilan Jerman

*Ibnu Rasyid Welas  -  Department of International Relations, Indonesia
Mohamad Rosyidin  -  Department of International Relations, Indonesia
Published: 28 Sep 2019.
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Islamophobia was an issue that came to be abig concern around the time the incident of 9/11
and it became a concern against when there are a big wave of immigrant from Middle East,
which mostly Moslem, moving towards the European country especially towards country’s that
accept refugee like Germany. The issue of big wave of migrant from moslem majority countries,
that seek refuge because of war, famine etc, trigger the emergence of social organization like
PEGIDA that have certain hatred toward moslem refugee in German. PEGIDA itself in
previous research and recent article, it was explained that they show their hate toward them
(Moslem refugee) without hiding it. This is the result of their fear toward big changes that may
or may not happen toward German that have different believes and religions. The result of this
research shows the impact of PEGIDA’s rejection and hate towards Moslem refugee toward
german’s security and stability which is pretty significant. The impact of action and believes
from PEGIDA towards Moslem refugee in German itself influence social, culture and economic
values in German.

Keywords: PEGIDA, Refugee, Propaganda, Dampak, Jerman

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