Psychoanalytical Approach to Transnational Money Laundering Utilizing Japanese Mobile Online Games with Gacha System: A Forecasting Study

Published: 26 Sep 2019.
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The problems to face money laundering acts are the methods which the criminals are using
that keeps on changing and improving along with the development of modern technology.
While law enforcement mostly trying to prevent it by tampering by the technology used, there
is a blind spot where there exists the reason of why and how the crime was possible in the first
place. Some even neglected and underestimated by the authorities because of how the society
views it in general, this is the recklessness the criminals can exploit. While money laundering
utilizing Online Games, moreover with a Gacha system may sounds as bizarre as it is, it can
be done and this article is intended to explain the what, why, who, and how of it. Using the
Lacanian Psychoanalysis as a problem dissecting tool, the key here is to explain what makes
the condition and environment where such crime is possible, involving the Otaku Subculture
part of society in Japan and Indonesia, the companies behind it, and the Mobile Online Games
itself. This article is forecasting the problems that will emerges concerning the crime of money
laundering and its methods.

Keywords: Otaku Subculture; Money Laundering; Psychoanalysis

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