Published: 30 Sep 2015.
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Museum is no longer become the main option by the public to visit. Museum regarded
as a boring place when its compared with natural tourist attraction. Visitors could get a
lot of things at Ambarawa Train Museum, which is one of the three largest train
museum in the world. Because of their lack of knowledge, the number of visitors of this
museum practically very small. For that, this activities carried out.
Finance and Accounting Division is a field that manage the financial activities of
Strategic Communication Ambarawa Train Museum. This division is responsible for
transparency, clarity and neatness of the financial statements. Successful performance of
this division is when the financial account balance from pre, during until post-event, the
smooth of cash flows and all the needs can be fulfilled.
Some plans didn’t run properly due to some emerging issues. In the midst of the
emergence of the issues, finance and accounting managers are able to develop a
transparent and reliable (accountable) finance management. Activities that is not much
contribute to the objectives of this series of activities, reduced or eliminated altogether.
The problems such as delays and uncertainties can be solved by the finance and
accounting manager.
Although this activity was in the absence or shortage of funds in the beginning, a
whole activities can still be carried out. Until the end of this activities, finance and
accounting managers successfully carry out their duties. Evidenced by the balanced of
balance sheet and all the needs can be met that make all the activities implemented. This
success is the result of cooperation and coordination with all team members in order
with all its limitations, and any problems encountered, the main purpose of this
activities still achieved.

Keywords: Strategic communication, finance management, accounting.

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