Published: 25 Mar 2015.
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Phenomenal movie titled Laskar Pelangi represent group discrepancy occur
in Belitong. Interpretation of Belitong’s citizen toward group marginalization and
motivation that happen in Belitong potrayed in Laskar Pelangi to be background
of this research. The problem that arises is movie has many multiple
interpretations message that could be interpreted by audience in asymmetric way.
Audience within Belitong Island have their own mindset to interpret Laskar
Pelangi, accompanied their straight experience because the movie has
background as it main story in Belitung. The purpose of this research to discribe
the interpretation of Belitong’s citizens about marginalization symptom that
newcomer group did toward local group, and motivation as represented in Laskar
Pelangi movie. This reserarch uses theory of social stratifications, theory of active
audience, and theory of audience interpretation with reception analyze methods.
Object of research is Belitong’s local citizens that watched Laskar Pelangi movie.
The result is show audience capability to identify group marginalization
potrayed in many scene such as the comparison between students PN Timah
primary school with Muhammadiyah primary school. Discrepancy also seen from
the difference of look, tools and infrastucture of school, activities during holiday
and their job. Boundary areas between groups be marked on guardrail with
disallowance to enter specific area. Informants have different interpretation and
interpret movie based on mindset that being affected b y their own background.
Based on the decoding-encoding audience theory of Stuart Hall, informants
grouped in Dominant-Hegemonic Position, Negotiated Position and Oppositional
Informant at Dominant-Hegemonic position accept the meaning as it
contained in the film about group marginalization and motivation recognized by
the informant indeed found in the real life. Informant at Negotiated position
generally accept the meaning as it defined and signed but deny some inappropriate
aspect because being represented excessively and unsuitable according Belitongs
conditions are better than before. Informant at Opppositional position measure
scenes in the film were too excessive and only intended to make the story being
more attractive, even considered disfigure the condition of Belitong’s society that
couldn’t found in the real life.

Keywords: Marginalization, Reception Analyze, Belitong, Laskar Pelangi

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