Published: 30 Dec 2014.
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This research based on the rampant of news about children tragedy in mass media. Children
are exploited and reported in news excessively, and the news ignore children’s right to be
protected from publicity. Online media is one of the public choice that reprimanded by press
council in reporting AQJ accident, because a lot of media showed the face and wrote his
identity clearly and didn’t place him as vict im of the system
This research aims to understand audiences’ reception of the purpose of online media
in AQJ accident news. The type of this research is qualitative research used reception
analysis to discover the reception of the audiences with different experience and background.
This research show three types of audience position on AQJ news. The majority of audiences
are in negotiated and interpret AQJ accident news as important news because it harms to
others, detailed information often expected but they thought that underage children need to be
protected from publicity, related to their identity and another aspect that could bother their
psychological. Audience who are in dominant reading, interpret the news as natural news that
gives positive benefit and important to note audiences widely, and have to be reported in
detail. While another audience who are in oppositional reading interpret that news about
children tragedy didn’t need to be published, according to the audience news about children
tragedy will violate children’s psychology who are still developing and the news about AQJ
accident on online media as unobjective and excessive news.
Keywords: News, Tragedy, Children, Reception

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