The Management of Interpersonal Communication in A Long Distance Relationship Amongst college Students in The Context of Romantical Relationship (Studies on Diponegoro University Students who Undergo Long Distance Relationship with Their Partner).

Published: 29 Dec 2015.
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Long-distance romance relation carried by college students occur due to factors of
education or the demands of the profession that requires one of those pairs to
proceed to move to other cities. The communication process they undergo
heavily relying on the communication media they use. But the medium of
communication can also be a major cause of the resistance in a long distance romance
either due to misunderstanding or network disruption in interpersonal communication
is ineffective against his partner can be a threat or an obstacle for couples who
undergo long distance romance.
This study aims to find out how interpersonal communication is done by couples
and the decision-making process in resolving conflicts that arise in the relationships
of romance/appear remote. The method used in this study
is descriptive qualitative data analysis and interpretation by using the method of
constant comparison which generally includes process. This study uses
a Tringular Theory of Love and Self Disclosure as the Foundation of research,
and Attribution Theory on conflict management is used to describe the experience of
the subjects. The data collection technique is conducted in-depth interviews with the
students of the Diponegoro University who are living a long distance
relationship and their partner located outside the city of Semarang, Central Java.
Communications management which is done by the students who undergo long
distance romance with their partner is to utilize the existing free time as good as
possible to establish communication. Each pair instill the importance
of communication and maximize the self disclosure. The existence of the
flurry of respectively, making each pair also instilling mutual trust, in addition to a
strong commitment which is owned will not lead to break up although conflict may
conduct often. In conflict management, avoidance behavior occurs at the beginning
of the conflict, along with cooperative attitude which also carried the couple when
overcoming the problems.

Keywords: Long distance relationship, interpersonal communication, conflict management, college students.

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