Pengalaman Komunikasi Orang Tua Terhadap Pendampingan Menggunakan Smartphone dan Internet

Published: 28 Dec 2015.
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Smartphone and the internet is one of the new things that interest young
people nowadays especially among school age children. In the environmental
guidelines for schools, Smartphone and the internet have become mandatory
items brought to be able to get along. This research aims to know the
communication experience of parents in doing this against the use of Smartphone
and the internet. This study uses qualitative methods with phenomenological
approach. Informants in this study are the parents and children of 6 pairs. The
results of this research were obtained that parents give the Smartphone and
internet facilities to the child because it wants his son to be able to get along and
not outdated. In addition to that of the research results are also obtained that the
child learns the internet the first time is from the experience of children see their
parents with internet and Smartphone, and the average child can already use the
internet since primary school. Mentoring is done by the parents the child's
communication with disembodied here, where parents give advice – advice to the
child in the use of Smartphone and the internet

Keywords: Smartphone, internet, mentoring, communication

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