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Analisis Cakupan Pelayanan Shelter Bus Trans Semarang Terhadap Kawasan CBD Menggunakan Network Analysis

Published: 27 Jan 2014.

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In this moment, Semarang has a transportation mode that expected to answer the needs of the community, that is Bus Trans Semarang. Bus Trans Semarang use transportation system that called Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). BRT apply One Stop Bus system, the system that can make a bus only stop in order to take passengers in one object that called shelter. This system has function to avoid a long bus-runtime that caused from undiscipline passengers and traffic jam. But, one stop bus system also has weakness in BRT transportation system because the position of shelter as bus stoppage become the most important thing. If the position of shelter cannot serve many significant areas like CBD (Central Business District), this system cannot work properly.

In this research, GIS with its network analysis facility can be used to find out,”is Bus Trans Semarang shelter service could serve people in CBD areas?” There is one realization metodology cconsist of 4 phase, there are data collecting, preparation, processing (network analysis using software ArcGIS), and analysis.

The result after doing analysis with network analysis method about all shelter in coridor I and coridor II is 119 shelter, and 11 shelter do not serve CBD. So the writer suggest to add 8 shelter. 3 shelter in coridor I and 5 shelter in coridor II. In coridor I exist 4 optimum shelter, there are Simpang 5 shelter, Bukopin shelter, Gramedia shelter, and Pandanaran shelter.While in coridor II only has 1 optimum shelter, that is BDP Johar shelter.

Keywods: Bus Trans Semarang, Network Analyst, Central Business District

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Funding: Teknik Geodesi FT. Undip

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