BENTUK KEMITRAAN Djarum Foundation dan Dinas Pendidikan Pemuda dan Olahraga Kabupaten Kudus Dalam Kerangka Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

*Indra Diki Dewantara  -  Jurusan Ilmu Pemerintahan, Indonesia
Ahmad Taufiq  -  , Indonesia
Suwanto Adhi  -  , Indonesia
Published: 11 Sep 2015.
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At first, the concept of CSR is motivated by the company in its motivation charity. Its
implementation in the form of assistance to the poor communities surrounding the company
in the form of money or the manufacture of means of transport. Then the CSR concept
evolved with emphasis on community empowerment program or better known as community
development (CD). In the context of CSR, the CD's success is measured by the increase in
quality of life in sekitarnya. One of the activities is to involve local communities to work
within the company. Or by creating a new business in accordance with the capacity of local
communities. In contrast to the condition of Indonesia, here the corporate social
responsibility activities began only in recent years. The demands of society and the
development of democracy as well as the swift currents of globalization and the free market,
which raises awareness of the industry on the importance of implementing corporate social
As this study aims to determine the model partnership what exists between the
Ministry of Youth and Sports Kudus and Djarum Foundation and aid delivery mechanisms
Djarum Foundation Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In partnership awakened Djarum
Foundation was incorporated as a private institution providing assistance to the pattern of
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Corporate Responsibility Social. Factor of
production area which is in the PT Djarum Kudus Regency is the key factor why Djarum
Foundation focuses of development in the area of origin in order to compete with other
regions. Where one is to optimize development efforts in the field of vocational education on
the level of cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and
So the results of this partnership can be felt directly by the school as an educational
space that will provide learning to students in order to become a vocational school graduates
are ready to use. In the course of this partnership, both private public institutions is equally
have an important and strategic position and serve to complement the needs of each other.
Ministry of Youth and Sports Kudus Regency serves as a mediator and facilitator to provide
information about SMK needed Djarum Foundation, as well as Djarum Foundation serves as
the provider and the owner of the resource which can make a significant contribution to the
advancement of education in vocational shaded by the Ministry of Youth and Sports Kudus

Keywords: Public Private Partnership, Corporate Social Responsibility, Djarum Foundation.

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