Analisis Kesiapan Pemerintah Kabupaten Banyumas dalam Pelaksanaan Perda Nomor 4 Tahun 2012 Tentang Rencana Induk Pengembangan E-Government di Kabupaten Banyumas

Published: 1 Apr 2015.
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In 2012,the government of BanyumasRegency authorized Local Regulation No. 4 of
2012 on the Master Plan for Development of E-government in Banyumas Regency.
BanyumasRegency becomes the only regency in Central Java which has regulation regarding Egovernmnet
and received many awards in the field of IT. For that reason, this research aims to
see what and how the action plan will be implemented over the next 5 years and how the
readiness of the government of Banyumas Regency. The method used in this paper is descriptive
qualitative method. The data source obtained from the primary data, which is through interviews
with informants or key person by snowball sampling technique.Meanwhile, secondary data
derived from the data of documents, archives, and other sources related to the research.Analysis
techniques used in this research is qualitative data analysis in the form of description, illustration,
and drawing conclusions on the tendencyresearched.
Keywords: Readiness, Regency Government, Implementation of Local Regulation, EGovernment.

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