Published: 23 Mar 2015.
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Revitalization is one way to maintain the old buildings that still maintained its authencitiy. The
revitalization must have positive and negative impacts. Positive impact of revitalization,
among others caring for the building in oder look more beutiful, and negative impacts
compromising the surrounding community. In the revitalization of the harness there must be
conflict steakholder.
This research, Dualism view point kepatihan revilization (Ssuryatmajan road corridor) aims
to determine the causes of differences between civil society and kepatihan office. In addition,
it is also explain what efforts were made Kepatihan to handle the conflict. This research uses
qualitative research methods with techniques of data collection through in-depth interviews
(depth interviews) and analysis of documentation.
The results showed that the social conflict in Revitalization Kepatihan Office forest happened
since colonial times untill this time is caused by some factors. Social conflict is caused by four
factors: differences in perception, differences in interests (economic), changes in values and
recognition of land ownership. Kepatihan has done a variety of ways to resolve and reduce the
conflict, such as socialization of Revitalization, education Sultan Ground, providing support
and so on. Based on the result, this research recommends some alternatives for conflict
resolution, through a collaborative approach with open communication with the public space,
management of forest resources are more participatory, improving the quality of human
resources, and strengthening the management of organization.
Keywords: different view, different interest, conflict resolution.

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