Evaluasi Kebijakan Pelestarian Terumbu Karang di Polewali Mandar Tahun 2012

Published: 29 Sep 2014.
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Abstract :
This is study about Evaluation of the Coral Reef Conservation Policy
conducted by the Local Government of Polewali Mandar which began in 2005
based on the policy of the central government through the Coral Reef
Rehabilitation and Management (Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management
Project) or COREMAP. The high degradation of coral reefs in Indonesia,
especially in Polewali Mandar. Damage to coral reef decline in the impact of
fisheries production and reduced the income of fishermen. The data for this study
were collected using interviews, library research and documentation of related
agencies and coastal communities. This study aims to determine how the
implementation of conservation policies and the extent to which the results of the
implementation of the policy runs after 7 years in implementing the goals of the
indicators that have been defined previously.
Keywords : policies, conservation, coral reefs

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