Evaluasi Kinerja Pelayanan UtilitasTerhadap Transportasi Publik di Kota Semarang

Published: 2 Sep 2014.
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The requirement for cheap, safety and comfortable of public transportation are reflection of
some people’s hope. Semarang City Office of Transportation with Semarang City Government tries to
pursue people’s dreams, by creating a new transportation modes in Semarang City. BRT (Bus Rapid
Transit) is a breakthrough in order to achieve people’s expectation on cheap, safety and comfortable
public transportation service. Therefore it’s necessary to evaluate performance of BRT Trans Semarang
public service, in order to determine quality of BRT Trans Semarang public service.
The population of this research are BRT Trans Semarang public service users, at three corridor
that is operated by providers of BRT Trans Semarang. Main indicators of this research consisted of:
physical appearances, reliability ,empathy , security guarantee, and accessbility. Data collection
techniques of this research used quiestionner that distributed throughout all BRT Trans Semarang
corridor, with number sample of population were 60 respondens.
The priorities that must be considered from the result of this research at hygiene and punctuality
problem. Those problems expected to be a concern for increasing BRT Trans Semarang public service
quality. Therefore people can use BRT Trans Semarang as priority public transport users.
Keywords: Public Service, Mass Transport, Main Priority , physical appearance, reliability , empathy ,
security guarantee and accessbility

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