Analisis Rekruitmen Politik: Studi Pada Rekruitmen Anggota Baru DPC PDI Perjuangan Kota Semarang Tahun 2012-2013

Published: 2 Sep 2014.
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This thesis entitled "Political Recruitment Analyse: Studies on New Member
Recruitment of DPC PDI Perjuangan Semarang Year 2012-2013". Compiled by
Muhammad Agam Ashari, NIM: 14010110130113, Social Science Program and
Political Science under the guidance of Setiyono Budi, S. Sos, M.Pol.Admin, Ph.D.,
and Dra. Rina Martini, M.Sc.
Political parties play an important role in the future leaders prints. It can be
said that good or bad depending on the quality of the party's leader in conducting the
recruitment and education of members. PDI-Perjuangan is a big party and have a
broad mass base. Greatness name PDI-Perjuangan penetrating through to areas such
as in Central Java, including in the city of Semarang. This is the background for
researchers to determine how the PDI-Perjuangan is able to obtain a high level of
electability and also has many members.
This study uses qualitative research methods with case studies. The study
design used is the descriptive type of analytical data collection through interviews
with a number of informants that functionaries of PDI-Perjuangan cadres Semarang
and examine any documents.
Researchers analyzed all the phenomena of the background in the recruitment
process of the PDI-Perjuangan, including Sukarno heritages are attached to the
Chairman of the PDI-Perjuangan. PDI-Perjuangan does not implement a particular
strategy in recruiting members, that's a fact. Through this study the authors also
describe any factors supporting and inhibiting PDI perjuangan in recruit new
members. Both of these factors would greatly affect the recruitment and imaging of
the party as the “wong cilik” party's.
PDI-Perjuangan should be more selective in recruiting members because of
perceived recruitment process is very important for future leaders prints. PDI-P is
also necessary to change the paradigm of the concept of leadership has Megawati
Soekarno breeds. Cadre too dependent on their leaders so that the leader decision is
an absolute. Relationships like these could lead the party in these areas will feel
stunted and do not have a voice to aspire.
Keywords: Political Parties and the Recruitment System Absolute Loyalty

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