Analisis Anatomi Gerakan Kontra Rencana Pembangunan Megaproyek PLTU Kabupaten Batang

Mohamad hijrah saputro, Sulistyowati ., Budi setiyono


Steam power plant is a plant that relies on the kinetic energy of steam to
produce electricity. Power plant is an alternative solution to solve the problem of
electricity in Indonesia. Batang power plant is one national project that goes in
MP3EI (Master Plan for the Acceleration of Indonesian Economic Development
Equity). Social Movement UKPWR and Go Green rejected the plan to build the
Batang’s steam power plant. This study aims to analyze the anatomy of the Batang’s
plant cons movement of both types of movement to movement activities.
This study used qualitative methods to understand and interpret the meaning
of an event interaction of human behavior in specific situations according to the
perspective of researches. The collection data techniques that authors use in this study
are interviews and literature.
The results showed that the power plant was built near Batang Regional
Marine protected areas using land between 370 to 700 acres and to cost up to 40
trillion. Being rejected by local residents who are members of social movements into
UKPWR is an abbreviation of 5 villages affected Batang’s power plant. Residents
fear the impact caused by the power plant. NGOs working in the field of environment
is Go Green also rejected the power plant construction site which they are productive
lands and areas that need to be conserved. The existence of the various protested
make the development process is blocked until 3 years old.
Keywords: Power Plant, Social Movements, NGOs, Civil Society Organizations

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