ETNISITAS DAN POLITIK LOKAL PROVINSI LAMPUNG (Study Kasus Etnisitas pada Pemilukada Lampung Selatan 2010)

Published: 17 Feb 2014.
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In the political arena in the district / city , competition between local and ethnic immigrants looks very
strong . Regional Head Election ( Election ) June 30, 2010 , held simultaneously in five districts / cities in
Lampung has prove it . The combination of Java and Lampung ethnic almost always arise until the
geopolitical characteristics of an area in Lampung could be represented on the winner of Regional Head
Election . In Metro Citie majority ethnic Javanese , for example , Lukman Hakim and Saleh Chandra Java
bloody win the General Election . In Pesawaran district the ethnic composition was balanced between
Lampung and Java , the winner is Aries Password ( Lampung ) and Musiran ( Java ) . The same case is seen
in East Lampung , although with suspect status , Satono , was dominate sound among 60 percents in the
middle of Java bloody . In South Lampung regency with dominant Lampung ethnic composition than
Javanese , so winning the Regents and Vice Regents elected, they are Waki Rycko Menoza SZP - Eki
Setyanto . The purpose of this study is to determine " the role of ethnicity in the general election in South
Lampung regency at 2010”. The research methods are qualitative - descriptive type because descriptive
studies systematically describe a situation , problem , phenomenon , service or program , the provision of
information about a situation , problem , social life , or describe the attitude of the people responding to a
particular issue.

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