Published: 27 Dec 2013.
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with its supporting and inhibiting factors. The parking levy in Semarang City has considerable potential.
The number of vehicles in Semarang City on 2010, there were 1.086.890 motor vehicles consisting of 907.303
two-wheeled vehicles/motorcycles and 179.517 four-wheeled vehicles. Based on Regional Regulations No. 2
and 3 in 2012 for public roadside parking, Semarang City Government collect fees of Rp 1.000 for a twowheeled
vehicle and Rp 2.000 for a four-wheeled vehicle. But Semarang City Government has set a target of
sectors parking levy are relatively small in number.
In order to explain the process of target setting of the parking levy in Semarang City, then used
qualitative research methods. Subjects in this study were Dishubkominfo Semarang City and Commision B
DPRD Semarang. The method of data collection was through interviews, observation, and examined relevant
documents to this study to support the completeness of the information needed.
The result shows that process of target setting of the parking levy in Semarang City is Dishubkominfo
draft targets parking levy. The draft was given to DPKAD to be processed along with the draft revenue and
other expenditures. After that the draft of the target parking levy that have become RAPBD submitted to DPRD
Semarang for approval. In this case, Commission B DPRD Semarang who will evaluate the target parking levy
from Dishubkominfo. Withdrawal system in Semarang city parking levy this year are managed entirely by
Dishubkominfo. Dishubkominfo have formulas for calculating the potential of parking, the number of parking
spot x workday x 12 months x average payment per parking spot.
To simplify the process of target setting of the parking levy, Dishubkominfo and DPRD need to be
coordinated in the calculation of the potential of parking in the city of Semarang. Constraints in the parking levy
withdrawal method which is managed by Dishubkominfo can be overcome by adding personnel and more
firmly to the parking attendants who violate the rules.
Keywords : target setting process, parking levy

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