Published: 24 Dec 2013.
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Minapolitan program, is a national government program implemented to encourage the
development of aquaculture in the region to improve the economy and growth of aquaculture
activities. One of the districts that have implemented Minapolitan Program Year 2009 is
Banyumas. The development of aquaculture production of fish rearing quite rapidly from 2009-
2011. Production continued to rise although not yet able to meet production targets in 2010 and
2011. However, the conditions found in the field of fisheries issues Agribusiness system from
upstream to downstream is not optimal, especially in the area of marketing and processing.
This type of research uses descriptive analysis , with research sites in Pokdakan Mina Sari , Sari
Ulam Pokdakan I and Mina Bieber as Pokdakan receiver Minapolitan Program to illustrate why
it has not happened yet understanding / seriousness related local government offices in the
achievement of program implementation Minapolitan . In addition, the analysis also illustrates
how the process of program implementation Minapolitan?
The results showed that there were some problems in the process of implementing the program
Minapolitan as in planning, development, and management. The process of planning, does not
always involve the community in planning programs, because that is representative of the people
involved and the results are not planning to convey to the general public. So that people only
know of three Pokdakan program planning of components and labor costs contributed to the
development of facilities and infrastructure Minapolitan program. On the other hand, Mina
Pokdakan Bieber has problems in infrastructure development programs impacting Minapolitan
implementation Minapolitan program management, which is a problem in the process of
determining the source of water that does not go through trials so that the adequacy of the water
produced is not sufficient for the community to irrigate the pond, which in turn making facility
was never used and is not maintained by the community. Mina Pokdakan Ulam Sari Sari and I
have a problem in the irrigation development process that hampered the development process
timeline completion. Resulting in stagnating water supply to the pond .
Keywords: Minapolitan program, process, community involvement

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